On the 21st anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, over 2,000 people rallied in Prague against the “disgraceful marriage" between conservatives (ODS) and social democrats (ČSSD) at city hall in the Czech capital,reports Mladá Fronta DNES. According to the paper, the deal amounts to a “betrayal of the electorate”, who made it clear in themid-October municipal elections that they wanted nothing of the scandal-ridden conservative mayor nor the social democrats. On opposite ends of the political spectrum, the two parties nonetheless managed to sideline centre left TOP 09 (centre-left), which actually won the most votes for a single party. "The political establishment has once again failed us by showing that armchairs and money prevail over the will of the electorate,” laments MF DNES. Lidové noviny notes the the two parties have formed coaltions in other cities and quips that another "defenestration of Prague" might be due, referring to a Czech precedent of throwing leaders out the windows of town hall during popular revolts.