Norwegian Kristian Vikernes was arrested in central France on July 16 by France’s internal intelligence service, the DCRI, which suspects him of plotting to commit acts of terrorism.

A high-profile figure in Norwegian black metal circles, Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the murder in the 1990s of another musician, before moving to France after his early release.

“The DCRI has no specific information on a concrete target,” notes Aftenposten. However, five firearms were found in his home, and in his blog posts, Vikernes sympathised with the perpetrator of the July 2011 Utøya massacre, Anders Breivik.

According to far right specialist Øyvind Strømmen, cited by the daily, the two men did not, however, share the same ideology —

[Vikernes is motivated] by radical nationalism combined with a hatred of Jews [and] does not share to the same ideological perspective that which inspired Breivik.