"Various Hungarian and Romanian European MEPS, including the former vice-president of the Assembly, László Tőkés, have approached the European Commission" asking it to oppose the start-up of operations at the gold and silver mine at Roşia Montana, writes Adevărul.

In a letter to Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, the MEPs ask the commissioner to intervene “firmly" against the cyanide-based technologies to be used to extract the precious metals. Parliament had already asked the Commission to ban the use of cyanide in mining back in 2010, the newspaper reports.

On September 2, Hungary wrote to Romania and the European Commission to express its opposition to the reopening of Roşia Montana. Hungary fears a new ecological disaster on its borders: in 2000 at Baia Mare, 100,000 tonnes of cyanide spilled into the Somes and Tisza rivers, causing an ecological disaster that also hit Hungary.