"Will Cantona break the bank?” asksLa Tribune: the former football star has called on Europeans to pull their money out of their bank accounts tomorrow, 7 December. In avideo shot in early October by the Nantes newspaper Presse Océan, Eric Cantonaexplains this is the “only way he sees for them to express their discontent, seeing as strikes and marches are pointless”. It seems to the business daily that there is “little risk of seeing long queues forming in front of the banks”. However, “the success of this call for action again shows how low the banks’ image has sunk and how urgently they need to build it back up again”. In Madrid,El País likewise predicts that Cantona’s initiative, which has gone viral under OperationStopBanque, will have a hard time garnering the requisite critical mass to bring the banks to their knees, now that the EU and individual states have put safeguards in place to provide against the “remote” possibility of a run on the banks.