The UK government unveiled a host of new measures to combat illegal migration on October 10, including demanding banks, property landlords and driving licence issuing authorities check the immigration status of suspected migrants, reports The Times.

The Immigration Bill, which has yet be approved by MPs and looks set to become law in spring 2014, also aims to streamline the immigration appeals court process and make temporary migrants, such as visitors staying on student visas, contribute to health service costs in order to avoid “health tourism”.

Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph praises the government but points out that failures, such as the recently publicised “e-borders” programme, show much work still needs to be done. It adds –

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, should be commended for trying to get to grips with such glaring shortcomings once and for all. [But] similar crackdowns on illegal immigration have been promised in the past but have not materialised.