From July 1st, "millions of Europeans travelling abroad will have Brussels to thank for cutting the cost of calling home. The new maximum rates for roaming chargeswithin the 27 countries of the European Union will come into force tomorrow," reports Libération. The French daily also notes that "for the first time, the cost of text messages will also be regulated," and "mobile phone users can even look forward to cheaper web surfing charges," which will apply "if the phone companies play by the rules." The maximum cost for sending a text message from abroad will be reduced to 13 cents (as opposed to the current rate of 30 cents per message); the charge for making calls will be 51 cents per minute (as opposed to 55 cents per minute), and the cost of receiving calls will fall by four cents to 22 cents per minute. The Commission has also established a ceiling for the wholesale price charged between phone companies, which will now be limited to one euro per megabyte.