“EU reins in Facebook”, writes De Morgen. On October 21, the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs should approve a project to regulate the protection of personal data on the Internet.

If this draft is adopted following discussions among European institutions, US companies like Facebook, Google and Yahoo! will risk fines of five per cent of their turnover in the event of infringement.

For the Belgian daily, this project, which establishes among other things a "right to be forgotten", should be seen as a response by the EU to the PRISM scandal.

In Germany, Die Tageszeitung stresses that the rights of consumers will be strengthened –

Citizens would be able to adjust their web browser settings to effectively defend themselves against firms using their Internet searches in order to create a user profile.)

The text would make it possible to use the services on the Internet anonymously or under a pseudonym. In addition, explains TAZ, European data protection standards should be applied as soon as a EU citizen’s data is processed – “whether in the EU or outside it.” The exchange of data with foreign security services would be possible only if the country has signed a specific agreement with the EU.