“And now, a government,” demands demands De Morgen in the aftermath of a Brussels demonstration organised by the SHAME, No Government for our Country after 200 days Facebook group. The newspaper remarks that the “silent cry and call for responsibility” sent by the protest will likely “put paid to the notion that social networks only serve to promote a superficial lifestyle.” In its editorial, it also notes that the 34,000 “demonstrators needed little encouragement to take to the streets — which should be a lesson to our politicians.”

According to a poll published by the Francophone newspaper, Le Soir, 44% of the demonstrators were from Brussels, 35% Walloons and only 21% were Flemish. The daily describes the event as “a success,” but warns that if it is to be repeated, “diffuse antipathy to politicians, and the immense desire to safeguard Belgium’s mixed society,” could be quickly transformed into “a display of anger and an outright rejection of politics.”