A majority of people in England want Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom, but they also think their northern neighbour should lose some public funding and influence if it goes ahead with a referendum on independence on 18 September, writes Scottish daily The Herald.

The observations are based on survey showing 59 per cent of respondents want Scotland to remain in the union, with 19 per cent in favour of independence. The survey also shows that even if a No vote were to prevail, 62 per cent of English voters want Scottish MPs banned from voting on laws that affect England, while 56 per cent say annual public spending should be reduced to the UK average, which the paper estimates “would imply a cut of more than 10 per cent in Scottish public expenditure”.

If the Yes vote prevails, most English voters would oppose Scotland continuing to use the pound, which the paper observes —

contradicts the assertion made by the SNP [Scottish National Party] that most people across the UK want there to be a currency union should Scotland vote for independence.

The Glasgow daily also notes that “26 per cent agreed and 36 per cent disagreed with the UK supporting an independent Scotland’s bid to join the EU and Nato”.