Russian President Vladimir Putin ramped up his references to World War Two on 1 September to “justify his strategy against Kiev”, writes La Croix.

For the French daily, the “Kremlin’s propaganda” is being spread by Russian public television, which “endlessly shows armed men celebrating their most recent victories in the separatist regions of south-east Ukraine.” Although the images lack information on “who the men are and where they come from” —

their messages regularly end with the same reference to the Second World War. “To Kiev”, writes one of the unidentified soldiers on his tank, alluding to the legendary slogan “To Berlin” common among victorious Soviet armoured units as they advanced on Germany in 1945.

In an editorial, the paper observes that Russia’s support for the rebels are proof “Russia will not settle for the annexation of the Crimea as ‘compensation’ for its loss of authority in Ukraine.”