Hundreds of thousands of Catalans — 500,000 according to police, a million according to organisers — formed a giant V in the colours of the senyera flag on the streets of Barcelona on 11 September, during the third demonstration of the Diada national day, reports *La Vanguardia. The V was meant to represent a Catalan independence vote slated on 9 November, in a referendum the central government in Madrid refuses to concede, as well as a victory in favour of independence.

According to the Barcelona daily’s editorial, the moment has come for “change”, because there is —

a large push from below, without a doubt, but also at the top, given that the Generalitat of Catalunya [the regional government] has put its considerable institutional weight behind the campaign. A push from below and a forward thrust from above: that’s the reality, and it would be better to stop acting as if it wasn’t happening.