Stefan Löfven’s Social Democratic Party has won Sunday’s general elections, obtaining 31,2 per cent of votes and 113 seats in the Parliament. According to Svenska Dagbladet, Löfven should soon “start discussions with the Green party and other centre-left parties” to form a government coalition. But, with 43,7 per cent of votes and 158 seats over 349, the centre-left block is far from having the absolute majority and Löfven might have to run a minority government, adds the daily.

Meanwhile, the outgoing centre-right leader Fredrik Reinfeldt, resigned as Prime minister after eight years in power and as leader of the Moderate party, which obtained 23,2 per cent of votes (84 seats), reports the Swedish daily. The populist Sweden Democrats have become the country’s third party, with 12,9 per cent of votes and 49 seats, “doubling its presence in the Parliament”.