‘Farmers, miners, patients, veterans, students, pensioners and families – all of them may count on support of Ewa Kopacz’s cabinet’, writes Rzeczpospolita the day after the new prime minister, who took office following the appointment of Donald Tusk for the position of the president of the European Council, presented her exposé in the Sejm (parliament).

Her brief address included promises to overhaul tax system, business activity law, grant parent leaves to unemployed, pass a bill supporting those affected by the Russian embargo, continue assisting Ukraine and raise military expenditure to 2 percent of the country’s GDP. The daily argues, however, that –

on hearing PM yesterday, one might have an impression that particular interests of different social groups had become more important than a common goal of building a prosperous civic society.

After the address, Sejm passed a confidence vote in the new government by 259 votes in favour and 183 against.