“The political storm following Radosław Sikorski’s interview in American website Politico continues,” writes Rzeczpospolita. The former Polish foreign minister and current parliamentary speaker in the Sejm allegedly said in a conversation with the American journalist Ben Judah that Russian president Vladimir Putin had offered to make a deal with Polish prime minister Donald Tusk to carve up Ukraine in 2008.

This was an invitation to the partition of Ukraine, hinted Sikorski in Politico. However, later he backtracked on his words, saying they had been “over-interpreted”, only to take them back at a press conference on 21 October. Sikorski went on to explain that “his memory had failed him” and he actually did not hear Putin’s proposal. The parliamentary speaker has been harshly criticized by Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, while Law and Justice (PiS), the main opposition party, called for his resignation.