There is no clear winner to the November 16 regional and local elections in Poland, writes Rzeczpospolita following the much delayed announcement, on 22 November, of the official results.

Even though the opposition Law and Justice (PiS) received the highest share of votes (26,85%), it was the ruling Civic Platform (PO) with 26,36% that secured the largest number of provincial assembly seats.

Its coalition partner, the Polish Peasants’ Party (PSL), which mustered a 23,68% support came in third and turned out to be the “real winner” of the contest. As a result, PO-PSL coalitions will be able to hold onto power in 15 out of 16 voivodships (regions). The counting of votes dragged for nearly a week as a result of the new IT system failure and triggered allegations of vote rigging as well as resignation of the entire National Electoral Commission (PKW).