One week after a group of jihadists killed twelve people at its Paris office, including a number of its staff, satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is back on newsstands. The cover shows Prophet Muhammad holding an “I am Charlie” solidarity banner. The surviving staff is hosted by daily Libération and was given hardware by Le Monde group. Five million copies are being printed to meet the huge demand worldwide, instead of the usual 60,000. It has also been translated in five languages.

In its editorial, the weekly thanks the millions of people who have declared themselves to be “Charlie” following the attack, adding that it rejects past insinuations that by provoking Muslims, it has somehow brought trouble on itself. And it adds —

In one week, the atheist paper Charlie accomplished more miracles than all the saints and prophets united. The one we are most proud of is that you’re holding the newspaper that we’ve been always making, along with those who always made it.

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack on Wednesday.