“A coup for the country's image," hailsCapital following the crackdown by the National Anti-Corruption Department on the border with Moldova in early February. No fewer than 77 officers suspected of taking bribes and smuggling cigarettes have been arrested. The newspaper notes that the official in charge of the border at Halmeu (with Hungary) has been indicted for corruption. "The Romanian authorities have said that it's time to hit hard in order to get a good grade from the EU," writes the paper, adding that this is "the largest such action ever undertaken in the country." The paper recalls that the accession of Romania to the Schengen area has recently been postponed due to inadequate results in the fight against corruption and reproaches Romanian authorities for their “lack of will". Bulgaria, which has also been “flunked" for the same reasons, is also appearing to exert itself somewhat to meet the demands from Brussels. In late January, two dozen officers on the border bridge over the Danube were arrested, writes 24 Chasa. They are suspected of extorting money from travelers, mostly in transit, and often from outside the EU.