“Compulsory sex education classes,” leads Gazeta Wyborcza. The Warsaw daily quotes from a survey by the Interactive Institute of Market Research (IIBR) according to which more than eight out of ten students say that if their school runs a non-compulsory “sex” class (like 70 percent of secondary schools), they gladly take. And 83 of adults believe such classes should actually be compulsory. Why? “Because they don’t know how to talk to their kids about “those things” and hope school can do it instead,” explains Gazeta. According to recent research, about one in eight Polish children aged 12-15 and one in three aged 16-17 are already sexually initiated. Sexologists lobbying for compulsory courses warn that more and more Polish teenagers are contracting sexually transmitted diseases. “We teach them how to cross the street properly,” argued one, “so we should be teaching them about how to handle sex.”