Alberto Jardim, President of the autonomous Regional Government of Madeira (a popular destination for middle-aged British tourists) and a member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – José Manuel Barroso's party – is to present a proposal to revise Portugal's constitution, reports Diario de Noticias. The main goal of his "revolutionary" project, which will be debated in the region's parliament on 22 July, is to ban communist ideology. For Jardim, an outspoken populist, who has governed the Madeira archipelago in authoritarian fashion for almost 35 years, the relative unpopularity of communist politics is not a sufficient safeguard: “Democracy should not tolerate authoritarian or totalitarian ideologies and attitudes, not only on the right, such as fascism —which is expressly forbidden by the current constitution — but also on the left, which is the case of communism”, explains Jardim.