A famous line by Italian writer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa: “Everything must change so that everything can stay the same”, has proved wrong at Lampedusa, writes Gazeta Wyborcza. With revolutions raging in Tunisia and Libya, “the nightmarish wave of unhappy immigrant families” has hit the Italian island with the force of tsunami and its situation has become “tragic”. “Lampedusa has become a gauge of the limited possibilities open to Europe in terms of illegal immigration and asylum policy,” notes the daily stressing that Frontex agency which controls EU borders has no means on its own, and instead must ask member states to supply police force and funds. As far as these issues are concerned, European solidarity is very limited to say the least. Meanwhile Brussels’ bureaucracy has more than once proved “helpless” or dependent on good will of member states. “One Italian dignitary has recently said that immigrants should be sent back to their home countries. What for? To “welcome” them again the next day? Why not drown them on the way?”, asks GWironically.