“Truce to last until next war”. For Prague dailyLidové noviny, Prime Minister Petr Nečas’ 19 April cabinet reshuffle will do little to alter “the increasing role of business in politics”. After several weeks during which corruption and bribery scandals involving junior coalition partners Public Affairs (VV) have threatened to capsize Nečas’ government, VV chairman Radek John was ousted as minister of the Interior, more than 10 days after VV founder Vít Bárta stepped down from Transport. Lidové recalls that Bárta, who owns a private security firm that has garnered lucrative government jobs in recent times, is accused of bribing fellow party members. Whether Nečas, known as “Mister Clean Hands” for having come to power on an anti-corruption ticket, can ride out such storms “is by no means assured,” the Prague daily concludes.