"Italy will also bomb Libya", headlinesCorriere della Sera. After weeks of hesitation over the level of its involvement in the campaign – the coalition was allowed to use Italian airbases, but the Italian air force could only participate in "non-lethal" action – the Italian government has announced that its aircraft will now be available for NATO attack missions against Gaddafi troops. However, the Northern League and other members of Italy’s ruling coalition, who have reiterated concerns that Tripoli's collapse would have dire consequences for immigration control and Italian interests in the area, are resolutely opposed to the change. In order to avoid further complications, the issue will not be put to a vote in parliament. Corriere's editorial approves the decision, which will mean that Italy is no longer “stuck in the middle” between the conflicting French and German positions, while La Repubblicacomplains that it was taken "in the worst possible way — not as a result of strategic evaluation but in response US pressure.” The daily continues, “Enfeebled as he is, Berlusconi cannot cope with enemies in Washington".