“Planning for the presidency” headlines Polska The Times, referring to Poland’s last-minute preparations for taking over the EU presidency on 1 July. The conferences, meetings, concerts and cultural events accompanying the presidency will cost several hundred million zlotys. “No one is saying this out loud, but it’s clear that Warsaw is aiming to organise the most impressive EU presidency since the Lisbon Treaty came into force”, writes the daily, noting that the presidency’s most important event will be the Eastern Partnership summit in Warsaw on 29-30 September.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk went to Paris earlier this month especially to convince French President Nicolas Sarkozy to participate in the summit, reportedly with good effect. There is also a good chance that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be attending too. Other possible highlights will be the signing of an accession treaty with Croatia and an association agreement with Ukraine. During the half-year, cultural events promoting Poland will be held in ten capitals, including Brussels, Warsaw, Moscow, Beijing and Tokyo. All that, concludes Polska The Times, to “prove Poland’s enthusiasm for the idea of European integration”.