“Pfffff”... On a white page, De Morgen voices the distress Belgium now finds itself in. On July 7, Bart De Wever (N-VA), the leader of the largest Flemish party, “made kindling” of the proposal that the King’s formateur, the Socialist Elio Di Rupo, submitted three days earlier to get the country out of its institutional impasse. “The document is bad for everyone in this country and especially for the Flemish,” De Wever explained.

“The surprise is not that De Wever was going to say no, but his way of saying it,” writes the editorialist at De Morgen.“There was nothing positive at all, zilch, in the proposal from Di Rupo, which has not only been completely demolished but downright buried several metres deep.”And now? This is the big question the Belgian press is asking. Di Rupo, who will report to the King on Friday, declined to respond, but seems “particularly concerned about the future of the country,” the Brussels daily concludes.