“The crisis over, the number of millionaires is rising again”, Rzeczpospolita gleefully reports on its front page. While the overall number of people earning 1 million zlotys (€250,000) annually has risen to nearly 12,000, up 230 on 2009, it remains lower than before the domestic economic crisis of 2009, which hurt investors, depressed stock prices and reduced earnings in the liberal professions. While cities such as Warsaw, Katowice or Cracow remain Poland’s “oases of wealth”, the sharpest surge in the number of millionaires has occurred in smaller urban centres. “The Polish Croesuses are usually stock market investors, but also self-employed business owners working in the services sector”, notes the Warsaw daily. Currently the richest Polish citizen is Jan Kulczyk, shareholder in the LSE-listed SABMiller brewery group, listed 463rd in the world by Forbes, with holdings valued at $2.6 billion.