One of the most popular myths in Italy is that "immigrants steal Italian people's jobs". Now Corriere della Sera reports that a study by the Bank of Italy, disproves that theory once for all, stating that "the growth of foreign presence in Italy in recent years has not been reflected by lower employment opportunities for Italians", but has instead encouraged "more space for employment".

According to the study, the influx of immigrants from abroad during the last ten years has helped to counter the effects of an aging population. Thay have sustained the economy and provided new opportunities for Italians, especially to women and more educated citizens. Women have particularly benefited by the presence of more services for children and for the elderly "linked to foreigners' presence”. The Bank of Italy report concludes that Italy should focus on integration and look carefully to younger generations. "The new generations of foreigners represents a major part of the future workforce in the country, but this group has a significant school dropout rates".