"We need frank and open discussion on the negative impact that strategies to combat the pandemic may have on civil liberties. Crisis management measures cannot be allowed to undermine the rules of democratic society." Signed by dozens of French politicians, trade unionists, researchers, doctors and senior figures in NGOs (Doctors Without Borders, Doctors of the World, and Aides) and launched on the front page of Libération, the open letter calls for greater public debate and warns that, in the event of a pandemic, "the threat to public health could quickly pose a major threat to individual rights and freedoms." The French daily reports on a number of worrying measures that have already been implemented by local authorities and corporate CEO's, and also reveals details of a plan to combat the spread of the virus in the justice system — which proposes to extend the possible period of detention without charge, and to hold trials behind closed doors. Another cause for concern is the lack of democratic debate on the topic, which is exclusively managed by experts and politicians, and the marked absence of consultation with social partners and civil society.