A few days before the publication of the EU/ECB/IMF troika's report on the progress of reforms in Greece, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has excluded a default or a eurozone exit for the financially ailing country.


Schäuble gives guarantees to Greece – Süddeutsche Zeitung

Having secured a straight victory against the Flemish Socialist Party (SP) to win Antwerp town hall, New Flemish Alliance (NV-A) leader Bart De Wever is the hands down winner of Belgium's municipal and provincial elections of 14 October. With nearly 30% of the vote in Flanders, the NV-A can now impose its separatist agenda at a national level and has already demanded that the socialist PM Elio Di Rupo grant greater independence to the Flemish-speaking north.


Unstoppable — Bart De Wever has sights set on Belgium – De Standaard

During this weekend's local elections in Belgium, the Socialist Party (PS) secured victory in French-speaking Wallonia, even if the CDH (Humanist Democratic Centre) saw spectacular gains in its stronghold of Namur, the provincial capital, with 28%. Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo was re-elected mayor of Mons with 55.16%, while the PS also holds on to Liège and Charleroi.


Historic CDH victory in Namur – La Libre Belgique

Having survived a confidence vote in parliament this Friday, Polish PM Donald Tusk is on the political offensive. His plans for a second term include infrastructure investments to the tune of 760 billion zlotys (€190bn) by 2020, setting up a state-controlled investment company or bank to stimulate economic growth, extension of maternity leave from 6 months to one year as well as construction of nurseries and pre-schools to improve Poland’s demographic situation.


Now Tusk takes back political initiative – Polska The Times

During this weekend's regional elections in the Czech Republic, right-wing parties and the ruling coalition were defeated by social democrats, and also, for the first time since the democratic transition of 1989, by the Communists, who became the second largest party with 20% of the vote. The Prague daily attributes the defeat of the right to its lack of charismatic leaders.


Red threat 2012 – Mladá Fronta DNES

According to partial results, Lithuania's left opposition has beaten the ruling conservative coalition led by PM Andrius Kubilius in the first round of this weekend's general election. The latter has approximately 14.48% of votes. Populist Labour look set to top the poll with 20.52% ahead of the social democrats on 19.58%. The second round is scheduled for October 28.


What can we expect from such a new parliament? – Lietuvos Rytas

The Stockholm daily begins a series on corruption in Swedish companies abroad. A Swedish businessman based in China explains how bribes are required for all contracts, and how this practice is known and accepted by Swedish officials.

“Not a hope in hell we’d get the order if we didn’t pay” – Svenska Dagbladet