How are EU countries doing against inflation?

Transfers to the most vulnerable, lower taxes, price regulation... European countries are taking steps to contain inflation. Do the measures all rely on the same levers? Are some strategies more effective than others? Here's an overview by Alternatives Economiques.

Belarusians helping Ukrainians

Over the last two years tens of thousands of Belarusians have left for Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and other countries because of the regime’s persecution. The network they developed is now helping refugees coming in from Ukraine.

The undocumented muddle through Ireland’s vax vagaries

Although Ireland scored relatively high with regards to making identification and residency requirements clear, providing access to marginalised groups, and guaranteeing privacy, its policies on vaccinating undocumented people are “confused”, or unclear.

Europe weakened by rising inequality

Concentrations of wealth and incomes have increased in recent years. The phenomenon is aggravated by the fragmentation of the labour market and persistent gender inequalities, two recent reports confirm.

2021 as seen by Tom

2021 was nothing if not intense: the return of Covid-19, natural catastrophes, social unrest, COP26 in Glasgow… Voxeurop invites you on a comic tour with Tom Janssen, gathering some of his best drawings of the past year.