TAXATION - Eurotax is pie in the sky

Published on 11 August 2010 at 15:03


Eurotax is pie in the sky

De Volkskrant

The Commission proposal to introduce a European tax is an attractive one, especially for countries which are net contributors to the EU. However, De Volkskrant argues that it will have little chance of overcoming opposition from national governments, who are reluctant to surrender control in an area as delicate as taxation.



Crowns, euros, roubles… and chaos

Eesti Päevaleht

In the Estonian town of Narva, situated on the Russian border, the coming changeover to the euro (on 1 January, 2011) has already created discord among the members of the Russian-speaking community. It would seem that Tallinn authorities somehow neglected to inform them of this event, which has pleased bankers no end, as they extract a maximum of profit from the confusion surrounding the exchange rates of the crown, the euro and the rouble.


Chinese view

Europe through Chinese eyes

La Vanguardia



France is riding the current

Le Figaro



Don’t look for me on Google

Frankfurter Rundschau



Europe works together as fires blaze

The New York Times



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