Terrorism - Bin Laden's legacy

Published on 2 May 2011 at 16:25


Bin Laden’s legacy

Le Monde

Symbolic as the death of the al-Qaeda leader is, it does not mark the end of the fight against terrorism, nor of its consequences for our way of life, writes Le Monde.


European Union

Patient doing better than expected

Gazeta Wyborcza

Amid a virtual consensus that the current crisis has cast doubts over the future of the European Union, Polish columnist Jacek Pawlicki argues that the EU’s ability to adapt along with the contribution made by its more recent members will ensure its continued survival.



Power, not nuclear


Founder of one of the first cooperatives for producing renewable energy, Germany’s Ursula Sladeck has won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in the United States.



Denmark debates the cost of immigrants



Czech Republic

Party financing loophole for corruption

Hospodářské noviny



Pious rhetoric could kill John Paul II cult

Gazeta Wyborcza



The terrorist knocked-out

Rainer Hachfeld

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