United Nations - Europe's fading voice on human rights

Published on 14 October 2010 at 15:33

United Nations

Europe's fading voice on human rights

The New York Times

Could Germany and Portugal's election to the U.N. Security Council revive Europe's declining influence in the world? Don't bet on it, argues the New York Times.


Border disputes

The black gold of Rockall

La Stampa

Uninhabitable and relentlessly pummelled by the stormy waters of the North Atlantic, the tiny island of Rockall has been coveted for conquest by four European countries for half a century. The reason they’re so keen on the island lies below: the huge oil reserves hidden in the surrounding seabed.



Romanians think in euros, but spend lei

Jurnalul National



Illegal immigrants flee crisis




Muslims become Germany's whipping boy

Die Tageszeitung


Air Transport

Ryanair slashes 13 Marseilles routes

Les Echos



Save the trapped Greeks

Ilias Makris


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