The Dutch, who are only now recovering from the collapse of their government on 20 February, will go to the polls on 3rd March to elect 393 local councillors in a vote that will be viewed as a "dress rehearsal" for general elections scheduled for 9 June — even if it will be difficult to establish reliable predictions based on the results, notes Trouw. The populist PVV party led by Geert Wilders, which polls have predicted will make headway in the general elections, is hoping to capitalize on the fall of the government, but is only presenting candidates for local elections in two cities: Almere and The Hague. "The June elections may well reinforce Wilders' position, but today's results will not prove anything, " insists the daily. The Trouw report also gives details of an original measure to encourage people to turn out and vote: The Hague, Groningen and Rotterdam plan to authorize night-time voting during the World Music Day festivals on 21 June.