A new Italian security law could deprive hundreds of thousands of Italian families of domestics and carers, Il Messaggero reports. "The government and the parties of the majority", the Italian daily reports, "forgot one small detail while approving the new ‘security law’ which fines those found residing illegally in Italy €5-10,000, before expelling them".

According to charity associations, the small detail is that of the some one million illegally working in Italy, half perform domestic functions or take care of the elderly. "It seems like a losing battle, which also distracts the police from fighting real organized crime", the daily laments.

A government member, Carlo Giovanardi, proposed an amendment to the bill for domestic workers and carers, but was immediately stopped by the Northern League, coalition partner with Berlusconi’s government. In the short history of immigration to Italy, there have been five amnesties in succession, one every five years. “The latest amnesty, however, was seven years ago," Il Messaggero reports.