Early this summer, Denmark decided to create an Arctic command and task force in the north, notes Politiken. Officially, the reason is to adapt to climate change, which will bring about increased drilling and ship traffic in the region, and thus greater potential for conflict. However, the daily sees the move as an attempt by the government to get a headstart in the race for raw materials, especially oil, by reinforcing its military might.

All the countries ringing the Arctic Ocean – Denmark (via Greenland), the United States, Russia, Norway, and Canada – have territorial claims on the area, Politiken points out. With the question unresolved, each is beginning to "get prepared" – military-wise. Politiken judges the matter one for the United Nations to settle, observing that Denmark, which has "a long tradition of respect for international public law and the United Nations as an institution," could very well "take the initiative" and present a resolution.