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Greece: Fired

Fired – Vangelis Papavassiliou
Eleftherotypia (Athens)

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On the plane: "Memorandum"

On August 6, the Greek authorities announced a series of emergency measures to fight the fires – some of which are thought to have been started deliberately – that have swept through parts of the country. Hundreds of hectares of scrubland, olive groves and forests have been devastated in recent days, along with dozens of homes, thanks to the sustained winds and high temperatures.

As a result, walking and driving tours through woods and forests on the outskirts of urban areas have been banned from sunset to sunrise, with some areas also deemed out of bounds during the day. Police and military patrols have been launched in some forest areas.

At the same time, the government announced the layoff of 8,200 employees, in line with the conditions of a bailout deal signed with international donors.