Created by journalists from the four corners of Europe, Voxeurop is an independent online media outlet. It is the first such publication to be managed by a European press cooperative. We are a community of journalists, editors, translators, media partners, loyal readers and members from over 30 countries.

The team

Cofounder, editor-in-chief

Italian-Dutch journalist. A polyglot lawyer, he was deputy editor of, as well as at Courrier international. He was also a correspondent for the Italian Internazionale magazine and TMNews news agency, as well as for several Italian and French publications.

Cofounder, editorial director

A French graduate of Sciences-Po Paris and the London School of Economics. She speaks several languages and worked at Courrier international, Sciences et Vie Economie, Alternatives Economiques and L’Expansion.

Translator and manager of Voxeurop Services

Spanish translator with a degree from ITIRI in Strasbourg, based in France and specialising in press and marketing translation.

Journalist, editor and translator

An Italian journalist, web editor and translator based in France, she has worked for several European newspapers, including Courrier international and Cafébabel.


French journalist living in Belgium, graduated in narrative and investigative journalism from the Université Libre in Brussels. He collaborated with the Belgian news agency Belga.

Social media manager

A graduate in political science (Italy) and marketing (Australia), he is also co-founder, editor, and social media manager at My Country? Europe.


A French entrepreneur and fundraiser, Paul graduated with an MBA in Economics from ESSEC. Working for the ICRC (International Red Cross), he has led humanitarian projects in the field in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He joined Voxeurop in 2018.


An Italian journalist and entrepreneur, he has extensive experience in investigative projects supported by international foundations.

Regular contributors

Voxeurop has built up a pan-European network of journalists, press translators, correspondents, press cartoonists and photojournalists. Many of them are shareholders of our European cooperative society.

Rita Azevedo (Portugal, translator, shareholder), Anton Baer (Canada, translator, shareholder), Emanuela Barbiroglio (Italy, journalist, shareholder), Pavel Bartůšek (Czech Republic, journalist, shareholder), Anna Bissanti (Italy, translator, shareholder), Harry Bowden (France and UK, translator, shareholder), Peggy Corlin (France, journalist, shareholder), Caroline Damgaard (Denmark, translator, shareholder), Constance Decorde (France, photo journalist, shareholder), Chloé Emmanouilidis (France-Cyprus, correspondent, shareholder), Angela Eumann (Germany, translator, shareholder), Sara Fernandez (Spain, translator, shareholder), Julia Heinemann (Germany, translator, shareholder), Ahmet Insel (Turkey, journalist, shareholder), Paula Kirby (United Kingdom, translator, shareholder), Heike Kurtz (Germany, translator, shareholder), Ciaran Lawless (Ireland, translator, shareholder), Albie Mills (United Kingdom, translator, shareholder), Cas Mudde (Netherlands, journalist, shareholder), Paul Ostwald (Germany, journalist, shareholder), Fabien Perrier (France, correspondent, shareholder), Katja Petrovic (Germany, journalist, shareholder), Simon Pickstone (United Kingdom, translator, shareholder), Claudiu-Ovidiu Pop (Romania, journalist, shareholder), Alexander Damiano Ricci (Italy, journalist, shareholder), Pascal Roy (France, translator, shareholder), Daniele Ruzza (Italy, journalist, shareholder), Gloriana Salazar (Costa Rica, translator, shareholder), Frédéric Schneider (France-Poland, translator, member), Yann Schreiber (Austria, journalist, shareholder), Ákos Szócska (Hungary, translator, shareholder), Alexandra Spanu (Romania, journalist, shareholder), Francesca Spinelli (Italy, journalist, shareholder), Andrea Torsello (Italy, translator, shareholder), Andreas Vou (Cyprus, journalist, shareholder), Olivier Wright (France – United Kingdom, translator, shareholder), Maciej Zglinicki (Poland, journalist, shareholder), Laura Bortoluzzi (Italy, translator), Władysław Bibrowski (Poland, translator), Andrea de Ritis (Italy, translator), Susanna Karasz (Germany, translator), Davide Mancini (Italy, journalist), Sergio Matalucci (Italy, journalist), Giorgio Michalopoulos (Italy-Greece, journalist), Céline Michaud (France, translator), Pascal Pierron (France, translator) Geertje Tenuissen (Netherlands, translator)

A European press cooperative that belongs to its staff and its readers

Voxeurop is the first media outlet to be managed by a European cooperative society. It is owned by shareholders in 23 countries, organised into 5 categories. Readers who wish to support the project are grouped in the "beneficiaries" category. Only members of Voxeurop (see here) can become shareholders (Article 10 of our Articles of Association). French tax residents benefit from a tax deduction.

An independent newsroom

Voxeurop is managed by its Executive Board, which implements the strategy approved by General Meetings. The Executive Board is overseen by a Supervisory Board, half of whose members are journalists and press translators. This arrangement is designed to strengthen the independence of Voxeurop's editors. Voxeurop SCE is an "entreprise solidaire de presse d'information" (ESPI), a status created in 2015 in France to bolster independent media. We go even further by ploughing all our profits back into the company. Shareholders therefore receive no dividends.

Awards and honours


Jury Prize at the European Democratic Citizenship Awards


Altiero Spinelli Prize for spreading knowledge about Europe


Second prize for Media of the Year at the Good Lobby Awards