Journalism at the scale of Europe, independent, rigorous and transparent, to report on the issues that cut across our societies and our borders. Journalists and sources from over 30 countries, translated into the main European languages, to reflect the full diversity of outlooks, to reach as many people as possible.

Editorial line

The issues of our time transcend borders: climate and the environment; democracy and digital freedoms; equality, gender and social issues; migration and integration. Our mission is to report on these shared challenges while bringing a diversity of perspectives to bear on them. 
We aim to provide independent, accurate and transparent information on transnational subjects, through a European and progressive prism. In doing so, we seek to improve the debate on subjects that concern us all, from Lisbon to Minsk, from Riga to Tbilisi, from Paris to Kyiv. 
Analyses, reports, investigations, opinions, press cartoons, interviews, online events and podcasts: all our content is available in the main European languages to make it accessible to as many people as possible, while taking account of national specificities.
We publish original articles thanks to our community of journalists from over 30 countries. We also select, contextualise, translate and republish articles from over 400 European sources to give them a continental audience.
This journalism depends on the support of our readers. Your regular financial support is vital if we are to keep publishing and translating stories. Join our community of members in over 30 countries, in Europe and beyond!

Partner organisations

Voxeurop is a founding member of the European Data Journalism Network, a collaborative platform for the production and dissemination of data-driven articles and investigations. EDJN currently has 32 media members in 20 EU countries.

Voxeurop is a member of Eurozine, a network of over 100 magazines and institutions from almost every European country.

Voxeurop Voxeurop is a member of the Association of European Journalists.

Voxeurop is a member of Covering Climate Now, which brings together more than 500 news organisations from around the world.

Voxeurop is a founding member of the European Center for Press and Media Freedom.


To offer its readers an insight into the perspectives of other countries, Voxeurop selects publications from across Europe (defined as the Council of Europe plus Russia and Belarus) whose reputation and journalistic ethics are tried and tested. Our site indexes more than 400 sources, most of which are medium-sized independent outlets specialising in a particular topic or geographical area. We share with them an identity of values and a common outlook, as well as a relationship of trust, often personal, built up over time through joint editorial projects.


With the aim of encouraging the circulation of ideas and information, Voxeurop has built up a reputation and a network in the sphere of syndication. To reach a larger audience, we offer our articles and those of our partners (including the European Press Prize and the European Data Journalism Network) to major national media outlets across Europe. This way you can find them in such publications as The Guardian (UK), Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), Deník Referendum (Czech Republic), Telex (Hungary), Internazionale (Italy), Linkiesta (Italy), Domani (Italy), Ouest-France (France), Alternatives Economiques (France), El Diario (Spain), El Confidencial (Spain), The Kyiv Independent (Ukraine), Efimerida ton Syntakton (Greece), Times of Malta (Malta), Dennik N (Slovakia) etc. Some of these articles were translated by us.


Voxeurop makes it a point of honour to check the accuracy of the information it publishes, both by consulting independent sources and by drawing on the expertise of its journalists and external specialists. Wherever useful or appropriate – such as when a document or book is cited – we provide a link to the original source, in the interests of transparency and so that our readers can do their own checking.

Artificial intelligence

At Voxeurop, we are committed to not using images generated by AI, unless the image itself is the subject of an article. We sometimes use AI as an aid to translation and text generation, but everything published on Voxeurop is produced by a human or has been edited and reviewed by a human. If we were to publish content generated largely by AI, we would identify it as such.


We undertake to correct any factual errors, translation errors or typos as quickly as possible and encourage readers to report them to us, providing the source of the correction. Please contact the editorial team:

Journalistic ethics and deontology

Voxeurop is an independent news organisation. It represents itself and not any third party or commercial interest. Voxeurop adheres to the Munich Charter on the Rights and Duties of Journalists and the Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists.

Our Ethics Committee monitors our application of these charters, our journalistic standards and our strict editorial independence. It is made up of leading European figures who have been with Voxeurop since its inception and share its humanist and European values.

Members of the Ethics Committee:

Eric Jozsef (France), Julia Cagé (France), José Ignacio Torreblanca (Spain), Tjeerd Royaards (Netherlands), Iryna Vidanava (Belarus), Alberto Alemanno (Italy)

Our funding

Voxeurop is committed to its independence and aims to rely primarily on the support of its readers (see our membership offers, from €4.20 per month). We understand how important it is for a news organisation to diversify its sources of revenue, so we also sell our expertise – namely editorial and translation services – to our partners in European media and civil society. All profits are reinvested in the cooperative. Finally, Voxeurop solicits journalism grants and other support from private foundations, and participates (alongside partners such as the European Data Journalism Network, and Come Together) in projects co-financed by the European Union. Respect for our editorial independence is our primary criterion for involvement in such projects.

List of past and present funders at 31/12/2022 : Journalism Fund, IJ4EU,  European Cultural Foundation, Fondation Evens, Fondation Heinrich Böll, Fondation Hippocrène, European Center for Press and Media Freedom, European Union.