"Enough, Mr Barroso," fired off To Vima following the first visit to Athens by the President of the European Commission since 2009. "Greece belongs to the European family and the eurozone and we want that to continue," assured José Manuel Barroso, while saying that Greece must come up with "results". This is too much for the online journal —

The Dear Mr. Barroso, who these hot days can be found in Athens, has arrived overflowing with compassion. […] He affirms his solidarity with the Greeks and lets us know that we are not alone in the crisis and that we must do everything we can to recover from it. [...] The good news from the President of the Commission is always welcome, but we can’t help noticing that it’s at odds with the position taken till now by the European authorities. [...] If Mr Barroso really means it, let him walk the talk. The Greek people are weary of his words. And blackmail no longer works. The time has come to treat Greece as a member of the EU on an equal footing with the other states.