"Where is Austria going?" wonders Austrian weekly Profilfollowing the publication of a three year study conducted on Austrians' values, which reports that while 50% consider themselves dissatisfied with their democracy, one in five long for a "strong" leader unimpeded by parliament or elections. 6% even aspire to a military dictatorship. In case of an employment shortfall at home, half of the population would like to send foreigners back to their countries of origin.

"It's dramatic," exclaims the weekly, reminding readers that "a wave of indignation swept the country when we learned that 20% of Austrian imams do not hold democracy dearly to their hearts and in case of doubt prefer the Koran to the constitution." In implementing strict controls on these imams, "we believed we had dealt with an external danger. But here's what you get when you ask Austrians the same questions."