France: ‘Europe urges France to undertake ‘far reaching’ reforms’

8 May 2013 – Presseurop Le Figaro


EU authorities, which recently granted France an additional two years to rein in its spending deficit, are nonetheless pressing Paris to push through reforms, writes Le Figaro.

On May 7, a day when French and German finance ministers — Pierre Moscovici and Wolfgang Schäuble — met in Berlin, the European Commission recommended that France should implement “audacious” reforms to improve competitiveness. Adding weight to this request, European Commission President Herman Van Rompuy urged Paris to introduce “far reaching” reform.

However, the conservative daily notes —

Burdened with an outsize public sector and held captive by a ruinous social model, France has taken no steps to implement the far reaching reforms that the Europeans are clamouring to see.

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