In an attempt to prevent the organisation of a soup kitchen "for Greeks only" by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, the Greek government and police, on July 24, banned all gatherings in the centre of Athens for 24 hours.

This move is "anti-democratic," bemoans Greek daily Eleftherotypia, adding that the "egg" was produced by the behaviour of the anti-democratic "serpent", Golden Dawn. The paper notes that the measure was taken on the 39th anniversary of the return of democracy to Greece [following military rule from 1967-74].

Food was nonetheless distributed with the official Nazi hymn, the Horst Wessel Lied, playing in the background, the paper reports. It also notes the absence of Golden Dawn in parliament on the same day during a vote on cooperation with the International Tracing Service, a centre for documentation, information and research on Nazis and their victims.