“The Romanian Orthodox Church has become one of the main actors in the protests against the exploration and extraction of shale gas,“ points out Adevărul. Although the Church has yet to express an official position on the issue, the daily argues that it plays a key role in “a real resistance structure, led by priests, which urges people on behind the scenes.”

The daily wryly wonders why “have they responded in this way in Pungeşti when they did not do the same in the region of Dobroudja, where exploration is at a more advanced stage?” It continues –

It is not that the residents of this area are any more lucid, but the fact that the land concerned is claimed by a monastery.”

Given that the Church did not campaign against the the Roşia Montană mining project, Adevărul concludes that “shale gas must be more demonic than cyanide…”