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  • City: Bucharest
  • Language: Romanian
  • Circulation: 35,000

With an old proverb — "No one can think for you" — and the image of a nationally renowed statue by Hamangia – "The Thinker" – as logo, Gândul("The Thought") was founded in 2005 by Mircea Dinescu, Cristian Tudor Popescu, Bogdan Chiriac and Lelia Munteanu. The current editorial team was a breakaway from Adevarul (The Truth), a major Romanian daily founded in 1888. The founder / editor of the paper, the turbulent Cristian Tudor Popescu, is a noted science fiction author with a reputation for shooting from the hip. As of April 2011, due to declining sales for print newspapers in Romanian, Gândul is now available only via the web or Ipad editions.

On the web

Updated: 31 December 2018