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Inform on a European scale, disseminate analyses and ideas beyond physical and linguistic borders, build together a public European space – this is the people’s adventure that we are inviting you on!

Voxeurop is led by an editorial team deeply committed to Europe and its values of openness and progress. Our primary goal is to provide reliable, independent, high quality information on the challenges facing our continent and which concern us all.

The rise of populism and the far right, nationalistic and xenophobic tendencies, which are encouraged and exacerbated by disinformation, threaten the social fabric of our democracies.

With the support of our members – with your support – we wish to decipher the great challenges of our time: climate crisis and environmental protection, equality and social justice, democracy and individual freedoms. We are committed to promoting a better understanding of Europe and a greater harmony amongst Europeans, as well as identifying possible solutions to major challenges.

We wish to achieve this with analyses provided by real experts and young talents, with the clarity of informative journalism, with the rigour of investigative reporting, with articles giving a voice to civil society as well as with humour and the immediacy of editorial illustrations. To achieve all this, we endeavour to overcome linguistic barriers through translation.



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European democracy needs independent media. Voxeurop needs you.


*Contribute to the debate by publishing your ideas and analyses on Voxeurop and make your voice heard across borders: we will edit and translate your contribution in at least one language of your choice among those published by Voxeurop. They must conform with the editorial line described in our Manifesto. Publish up to two contributions of 4,000 characters/660 words (spaces included) per year.