Profit is killing the internet. Can we save it?

If it was not already clear, Covid has made it indisputable: the Internet is not just a place for socialising and entertainment, it is a vital infrastructure for work, study and bureaucracy. The Net was a product of openness and sharing, but these values have now been replaced by the drive for profit, says Ben Tarnoff in his latest essay, reviewed here by Konrad Bleyer-Simon.

Peter Thiel, Donald Trump’s friend and the Monopoly’s fiercest advocate

In 2020, the European Commission announced its Digital Services Act and its Digital Markets Act, two packages aimed to regulate online monopolistic platforms such as Google or Facebook. While the monopoly of corporations has been widely discussed in the last few years, it has also found influential advocates, such as American entrepreneur Peter Thiel, author and co-founder of PayPal and Donald Trump’s supporter.