After Malta, all eyes on Slovakia

Published on 11 October 2011 at 11:50


“Parliament approves the EU relief fund and the loans to Greece,” headlines the Times of Malta following the vote that saw Malta’s MEPs vote unanimously to strengthen the European Stability Financial Fund (EFSF). The move to strengthen the EFSF, designed specifically to help Greece and adopted on 21 July by the leaders of the eurozone, must be ratified by the 17 member states of the zone before it enters into force. Under the agreement, Malta’s contribution goes up from 398 million euros to 704 million euros. On October 11 Slovakia will be the last country to vote. The outcome however is uncertain, and “the Prime Minister has threatened to resign” if Parliament does not vote to strengthen the EFSF. The parties of the coalition held together by Iveta Radičová had still not reached agreement on the eve of the vote, writes the Bratislava daily SME. If it passes, the Slovak contribution would rise from 4.4 to 4.7 billion euros.

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