‘Băsescu sacked by the census’

Published on 5 July 2013 at 10:26


“The results of the census amount to a political bombshell in Romania. The 2012 referendum on the dismissal of President Traian Băsescu did obtain the quorum required by law,“ points out Jurnalul Naţional.

According to figures published on July 4 by the National Institute of Statistics, the total population of Romania was 20,121,641 in 2011, and not 21.6 million as was previously assumed. In that population, 16,269,839 people were 18 years of age or older and thus entitled to vote. In the light of these figures, the daily explains that the requirement for a quorum of 50 per cent of the electorate was fulfilled by the 2012 referendum, in which 8.4 million people cast their votes.

However, the invalidation of the referendum, which allowed Băsescu to continue as president in the wake of a vote in parliament to suspend him, is not likley to be called into question.

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