Berlusconi in another underage scandal

Published on 29 October 2010 at 10:39


"The government of bunga bunga," headlines Il Fatto Quotidiano. On October 26, the Italian tabloid broke the story of "Ruby", a 17 year old Moroccan arrested in Milan in May for theft but immediately released after a call on behalf of Silvio Berlusconi claiming she was the niece of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. For anti-Berlusconi La Repubblica, the Cavaliere rides into another sex scandal as salacious details continue to emerge of "Berlusconi, the minor, and a 30,000 euros mystery". Ruby (who is not at all related to Mubarak) told prosecutors she was a friend of the premier, who invited her to his villa for "bunga bunga" (an erotic ritual learned from Libya's Muammar Gaddafi) and gave her money and costly gifts. Berlusconi, already under pressure for coalition infighting over a draft law that would grant him legal immunity, has not denied knowing the girl, who reportedly fled from home months ago. "I am a good-hearted person and always help those is in need", he commented.

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