‘Borisov fails to convince’

Published on 20 February 2013 at 11:15


On February 20, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov announced that his government will step down. However, in an interview published that morning, his first public statement since demonstrations against an increase in electricity prices began on February 10, he insisted that he was not giving up —

“I am not leaving because of Sergei Stanishev and Ahmed Dogan ( the leaders of the two main opposition parties). I will fight them to the end,” said Borisov. However, he explained that he had temporarily thrown in the towel because he “could not bear” the sight of a “parliament under siege.”

Neither the announcement, on the previous day, of the resignation of the highly unpopular Minister of Finance, Simeon Djankov, nor a pledge to withdraw the distribution licence granted to Czech company ČEZ, which is under investigation for not respecting its contractual obligations, had been enough to put an end to popular dissent.

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